Jesus taught us to love God supremely and others generously.  His life was a continuation of the story of the God who is on mission: putting things right in our broken world.  Amazingly God/Jesus invites us to share in what he is doing and to go on mission with him.


We have been blessed by God’s generosity.  Because of this, we sense our obligation to extend ourselves into the lives of others.  We desire to reach out in acts of kindness and to bear witness to God’s goodness to us.  Who knows what might happen when we attend to those in our missional contexts … neighbourhoods, places of work or who we meet along the way?


Of course we cannot do this on our own – we need God’s help and the support of our Christian family.  And so we gather regularly…


  • to praise the God who rescues us

  • to learn more of his ways and will for us

  • to encourage and equip ourselves to live and serve well