Statement of Faith

We Believe...


The Bible comes from God and is His true message, the basis of our beliefs and behaviour. There is one God, made known to us in three persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human. He lived a perfect life, but gave up that life so that we may truly live. He rose bodily from the dead and now lives in heaven, representing those who trust Him.


The Holy Spirit is God, and He personally convinces us of our need for God. He lives in those who trust in Jesus Christ and gives us the ability to live as God desires.


Humans are made in the image of God and are precious. All people, having turned from God, need Him to rescue them from their naturally sinful condition and choices. In order to be rescued from the consequences of our sins, we must individually recognize our need for God. We must trust that the death of Jesus removes our deserved punishment and provides the only way to be right with God. The ultimate consequence for those who do not trust in the work of Jesus Christ is eternal separation from God, while those who trust will be forever with Him.


The Church, both local and worldwide, is made up of those who trust in Jesus Christ. Its fundamental purpose is to bring glory to God.


In the future, Jesus Christ will return to reward and judge all of His creation.