We believe that values affect what you do and how you do it. They describe more than just aspirations, but actually what is done. That means that as Southview grows and changes as God works in her, some of her values may grow and change. Currently we have seven core values:


Scripture - The true revelation of God discovered in the Bible and applied to our lives.


Grace - The unconditional acceptance and full forgiveness expressed in the grace of God, shown to us and extended to the world through us.


Community - As God's representatives, we are called to authentic and loving community with each other and with the greater community where we live, work and play. 


Participation - The active and willing participation of each person exercising the spiritual gifts that God has given for the benefit of the whole.


Prayer - The blessing of conversing with God through prayer, allowing Him to direct our lives, giving thanks, and sharing with Him all things.


Growth - The personal and corporate spiritual growth that comes from a maturing relationship as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Gospel - The good news of Jesus Christ that transforms our neighbours, both locally and globally.